Exercises Overview

Testbeds are unique collaborative spaces where researchers and forecasters work together to improve weather products and services.

In the testbed environment, researchers and forecasters work alongside each other to integrate new observing systems into models, test and streamline data assimilation methods, test model improvements, and strategize new developments for the benefit of the public.

All of the NOAA Testbeds host Testbed Exercises, which usually occur on a yearly basis. These exercises bring together forecasters, customers, regulators, internal and external research and development staff, and federal partners to explore the current capabilities, needs, and gaps of current NOAA weather services.

One of the main goals of the Space Weather Prediction Testbed's Exercises is to ACCELERATE emerging concepts and new technologies for improving space weather prediction as well as to inform O2R (Operations to Research).


Previous and Upcoming Space Weather Prediction Testbed Exercises: