R2O2R Overview

NOAA R2O2R Funnel

Research-to-Operations-to-Research (R2O2R) refers to the cyclical process by which basic research endeavors (R), having been identified as having the potential for improving forecasting capabilities, are matured, in a targeted way, toward a formal operational implementation (O) and, once "operationalized", subsequent needs for refinements are conveyed back to the research community (R).

One particularly targeted mode of R2O2R engagement within the Space Weather (SWx) domain is afforded by the NASA SWR2O2R program. This program, established in response to the National Space Weather Action Plan (SWAP) and resulting from the tri-agency MOU between NASA, NOAA, and NSF, aims to accelerate targeted SWx research efforts toward operational implementation in support of advancing SWx forecasting capabilities.