Products Overview

The Testbed hosts products that are in various pre-operational stages of development.  The overall transition process is described on the R2O2R Overview page and links. The stages can be mapped to the Readiness Levels (RLs). For instance, a product with an RL of 4-6 could be considered an 'alpha' test product. Alpha products are only accessible to those developers and stakeholders with logins to the website and appropriate permissions. Products with RLs 7-8 could be considered as 'beta' test products. In NWS terminology, these are dubbed 'experimental' products (see NWSI 10-102). SWPT and SWPC are seeking feedback for these public experimental products in preparation for formal deployment to operations. And an operational product is deemed Readiness Level 9 - it is supported 24/7 and has been fully validated for use as decision support information for users. Note that preoperational products should not be relied upon for operations.

Disclaimer: Products contained on this site are experimental and should not be relied on for operations.